Summer Dress!

What do you do when you’re knitting your “Classic Tee” by Kay Hopkins and you have a whole Sun Jar gradient set at your disposal? Well, if you’re Julie, you use up all that set and knit yourself the most perfect summer dress! The pattern is available on the designer’s website:

New this week!

We were able to get our paws on a few copies of the 2020 Shetland Wool Week Annual! It’s full of beautiful designs from folks like Ella Gordon and Wilma Malcolmson, we don’t expect these to hang around for very long! In a happy coincidence, we have a re-stock of Jamieson & Smith 2 ply …

Level Up!

We’re pleased to announce that starting May 28th, our capacity is now back to  3 customers (no companions) in the store at a time! If you are a senior, or someone who is immunocompromised, and needs to shop with a companion please give us a call at 403-457-3020.  We are happy to make arrangements for you to …

Happy Wednesday!

We received a small re-stock of Schoppelwolle Edition 3, plus more Eucalan. Including the sought after Eucalyptus and Jasmine scents! We also have a re-stock of HiKoo Kenzie, Kenzington, Simplinatural, and Merino Lace!

Beth’s Friday Beret

Our finished object this week is Beth’s “Da Skaw” beret by Angela Irvine. Beth knitted it with our Loop House yarn. We hope we can take a picture of Beth sporting her beret after restrictions have lifted! The pattern is in the 2020 Shetland Wool Week Annual, which you can order right here:

Punches and a re-stock

Are you looking for an Oxford Punch Needle? We can help you out with that! We received a re-stock with all kinds of sizes. If you’re looking for a specific size, please give us a call at 403-457-3020, we’re happy to help. 😊 Also, check out our nice wall of Sirdar Country Classic worsted weight. …

Friday Finished Object

Rose crocheted this sweet blanket using approx. 250 grams of Sirdar “Replay” and the linen stitch, and her own personal pattern. She finished it off with the bobble shell edging stitch.


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