Your Local Yarn Store

We like the idea of getting to know our customers personally. We wipe tears, share joyous stories, and celebrate birthdays!  Many of our long term customers have been friends for years, and some of our very best friends are brand new customers.  We’re more than a retail experience; we’re a community.

The People & History

MAC with a side of Rose, Clair, Amber, and Ben!

We all met when Annie was managing a yarn store. Marilynn worked there too, and Correna was a loyal customer. After Annie moved to manage another LYS, Marilynn and Correna changed roles. At that point we were lucky enough to scoop up Rose!

One day in early 2011, MAC (as we refer to ourselves) attended the closeout sale of a NW stitching store. Like all hardcore knitters, we dreamed of having our own LYS. As soon as we stepped into the store, we knew this was the moment where we would either fish, or cut bait. Marilynn walked right up to the owner, and asked if she was interested in subletting the location. An hour later, after 3 coffees, and egg sandwiches, we had a business plan written on the back of a napkin. We were ready to share our dream for The Loop with old and new. By May, The Loop was open for business. So there you have the beginning of the story!

The first major change we made was to open on Sundays, and this offered us the opportunity to bring Diana into the mix. When Diana moved on to new opportunities, we hired Clair. In November 2014, Amber started working with us too! When combined, our Loopie experience base equals more than 150 years!

We can't forget our Loopie Doods either! Vincent keeps our store sparkling clean, and lemony fresh. Benny is the web genius behind our site. He's the guy who makes it easy for Franki to post all the classes, new product announcements, and the drool worthy parade of finished objects. Thanks Benny! Finally, our newest Loopie Dood, Ben! You can find him on Wednesdays, working his yarn merchandising magic.

We are looking forward to chapters 2 to infinity; the part that revolves around you, our valued customer.


Our goal is to provide a wide range of quality products at various price points.

We have many years experience with major distributors but we also want to focus on local talent. So, at the Loop we feature indie dyers, as well as local, and Canadian craftspeople. If you are an up and coming fibre artist, designer, or if you have a product you think we'd love, please feel free to come talk to us.

Many products in the store are here for a fleeting period. We're against the rut. If we like it, we get it, but you may not see it again... Make room for the new! Other things you can depend on seeing again and again. Why mess with success?