Let’s Talk About Looms & Loom Stands

Last week, we received variable loom stands from Ashford, for their Rigid Heddle looms. We have adjustable loom stands for the Knitters Looms coming soon. We thought we’d take a minute to showcase these products, and explain the differences between both types of looms.

Both the Rigid Heddle loom and the Knitters loom are rigid heddle looms. Wait… whaaat? It’s true!

The Knitter’s loom was developed with knitters in mind! The Knitters Loom is a light, foldable, and extremely portable loom, you can take it with you, even WITH the weaving still in place! The Knitters Loom is available in 3 widths, 30cm (12″), 50cm (20″), and 70cm (28″).

The Rigid Heddle Loom is just as great as the Knitters Loom, the main difference is it’s not foldable. It’s available in 4 widths, 40cm (16″), 60cm (24″), 80cm (32″), and 120cm (48″).

Ashford Knitters Loom


Asford Rigid Heddle Loom


Ashord has built a strong and sturdy variable width loom stand that fits all three Knitters Loom sizes. It features an adjustable loom angle, side support braces, and a comfortable footrest. Made of solid silver beech hardwood, it stores easily when not in use, assembles quickly and easily. It even has a storage place for the Allen key!

The Variable Rigid Heddle Loom Stand fits the 40cm (16″), 60cm (24″) and 80cm (32″) standard rigid heddle looms. The 120 cm (48″) loom has its own dedicated stand. It also features adjustable loom angles for comfortable weaving, side support rails, comfortable foot rest, and compact storage when not in use. It assembles easily, and has storage for your Allen key!



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