May the 4th be with you!

Meet Swatch Vader, she’s Darth’s far less evil (although still quite mischievous) fibre loving cousin. We heard from our Rebel spy network, that she was plotting things for The Loop for May the 4th. After exhaustive efforts, our spies were able to find out her plans. If you show up on Saturday, May 4th in Star Wars themed clothing… Swatch Vader will give you 10% off of your yarn purchase. However, if you think you can best Swatch Vader in a trivia battle of wits, here’s a challenge for you:

Swatch Vader will ask you a Star Wars trivia question. If you are correct… this gets you 5% off of your yarn purchase. Still feeling brave? Want to take on Swatch Vader again, Rebel scum? Your next correct answer gets you 10% off your yarn purchase. Want to try for 15%? If you can keep it up, getting four successive answers correct… Swatch Vader will give you a maximum of 20% off of your yarn purchase.

Discount applies to yarn only. You must correctly answer 4 questions in a row in order to qualify for the 20% discount.



A friendly local yarn store on Kensington Road. We are located on the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, and the people of the M├ętis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.