A Pi Day Party plus new stuff!

Divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter. The answer is 3.14 (and so on, and so on), or π (Pi)!

Some fun facts about π are:
– Both the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians knew about the Pi ratio.
– Pi is an infinite decimal.
– The numbers to the right of the decimal never repeat in a pattern.
– In 1768, Johann Lambert proved that not only does Pi not repeat in a pattern, it can’t!

On 3.14, (March 14th) we celebrate this fascinating number with Pi Day!

Some fun facts about Pi Day are:

– Pi Day was first celebrated at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
– March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s Birthday.
– If you search Pi on Ravelry, you find over 600 Pi knitting pattern suggestions and over 50 for crochet. Like Pi by Susan Mrenna, or…

Pi Socks by Susan Gutperl, the Pi Digits Scarf by Christina J, and of course, the Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman! For the crochet crowd, we have Pippa Young’s adorable little Pi Pie, the Pi Guy by Emily-Premise Conclusion, and the Key Lime Pi Shawl from Knottygnome Crafts!

In honour of both Pi, and pie, Hunter from Willow & Hare dyed us some extra special fingering weight Pie yarn! Colourways include “Peach,” “Blueberry,” and “Mag.”

We are having a π party at Knit night on 3.14 to celebrate Pi Day. There will be fun and actual, mathematically delicious pie from the Pie Junkie! (Don’t forget the amazing Pie yarn!) Pi fun commences at 3:00 pm!

Under the new stuff umbrella, please feast your eyes on this box of gorgeousness! This is a box of 100% pure New Zealand wool sliver “bumps.” Perfect for spinning and there is no shortage of colours to play with, that’s for sure!

Our new stuff this week also includes a re-stock of Diamond “Footloose,” accessories from H.A. Kidd and more Doreen Jensen project bags!

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