New Roving, Loop House Yarn, and Oxford Punches!

Our friend, Hunter of Willow & Hare Handmade has dyed some gorgeous roving for us! We have a limited amount, and it is beautiful! We don’t think it’ll be hanging around too long though, so act quickly!

We also have more Loop House Fingering Weight Yarn in our MCN base.

And a few skeins of Loop House Fingering weight, in our 100% Corriedale wool base;  spun in Britain!

If you’ve been waiting, the Oxford punches are here! Made in the USA, they have a maple handle, Electro polished steel needle, and are ergonomically designed for comfort and speed. We have sizes #8, #9, and #10, in both regular and fine points, and some #14 punches in the fine point.

For reference, regular point punches are used with bulky weight yarn, multiple strands of finer weight yarn, or fabric strips 3/8″ inches wide. Fine point punches are for use with worsted weight or finer yarn, or 3/32″ fabric strips. The size of the punch refers to the height of the loop it makes. #8 produces a 1/2″ loop, #9 produces a 3/8″ loop, #10 produces a 1/4″ loop, and #14 produces a loop of 1/8″. We have sizes 8 through 10 in a decorative box with a handbook and stitch guide, plus unboxed punches in sizes 8, 9, 10, 13 & 14.


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