Grab ‘n Go, and Tea!!

It’s tea time! We have a stupendous kit for you! You get a Loop mug, made by Suzette Knudsen (the same lady who made the adorable sheep bum mugs!) , a skein of one of three, limited edition, tea themed Loop House Fingering 50/50 colourways (50% Superwash Merino, and 50% silk.) Colourways are “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,” “Hercule Poirot – Tisane – Miss Lemon,” and “Jen-Luc Picard – Tea. Earl Grey, Hot.” Plus a bag of either Earl Grey Cream tea or Roseberry Rooibos tea!

Check this out! The “Grab ‘n Go” set from Addi is amazing! It literally has EVERYTHING you need for knitting and crochet. Hooks, needles, cords, stitch markers, and more… everything but the wine!

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