New Needles and Swifts!!

FlexiFlips are here! You may wonder what manner of beast exactly, is a “FlexiFlip?” FlexiFlips, are a new thing from Addi, and they are, in fact, flexible double pointed needles. Yes, we said flexible. They’re ¬†double points with 3.5 inch tips joined with 1 inch of cord. One tip is an Addi “Rocket” and one is and Addi “Turbo.” They’re available in sets of 3 needles. But wait you say… DPNs come in sets of 5… With FlexiFlips, you get 3 because that’s all you need. Your stitches sit on 2 needles and you knit with the 3rd one. Can’t be done, you may think. Check out the video and prepare to be amazed!

Mind blowing, no? 

We also received some beautiful new wooden swifts from Glimakra.


Plus a pretty significant button re-stock!


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