Road Tripping?

We are halfway through Canada’s birthday summer, and is it ever going by quickly! We were talking about a Canadian summer tradition a couple of weeks ago, specifically, The Road Trip. Varying in distance, but always a great opportunity for knitting time if you’re not the driver. Of course, this segued into much discussion about the best knitting projects to take on a road trip. We had the standard smaller, more portable projects, such as hats, roundy-round socks, or mittens, but we thought it would be super fun (and educational) to ask you about your favourite road trip knitting. What are your favourite “on the road” patterns? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever knitted on a road trip? Leave your answer in the comments because a) it’s going to be awesome to see everyone’s ideas and suggestions, and b) we are going to have a little draw on Aug. 11th and you could win one of three sweet prizes!

One thing we don’t recommend road trippin’ with is this week’s finished object.

Meet Marilynn’s Maskenball in Venedig by Monika Eckert! Also known as “Two Miles (less 4grams) of Wollmeise Lace Garn!

Marilynn and Rose for scale. ;-)



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