A “Q & A” with Marilynn!

We’re still slightly in shock over Marilynn’s amazing shawl project from last week. We had questions, and we figured that if we were curious, you were too. So we hit up Miss Marilynn for some answers!

The Loopies – How long did it take you to knit that shawl? Did you work on it exclusively, or were you “unfaithful” with other projects?

Marilynn – What? No questions about my sanity? I started the shawl on Feb 1st and finished on July 31.  During the 5 months, I also knit a sweater for Paige, a couple of small shawls, 2 Bousta beanies, a couple of baby sweaters, and a sweater for myself. Perhaps I spend waaaayy too much time knitting.

TL – How hard was it to wrangle that shawl once it really started to grow? How did you do it?

M – Once there were too many stitches for one needle, I switched to two needles. Each row took over an hour to knit. Casting off took approximately seven hours. And just for fun, I did knit in the car on a recent road trip – six uninterrupted hours of knitting.  (She isn’t called the Shawl Queen for nothing, folks!)

TL – Finally, the question I think we’ve ALL been wanting to ask, how in the heck did you block it?

M – I used 12 mats and all my blocking wires. It wasn’t too difficult, as I wove the wires up the sides densely to keep the sides straight. On the bottom edges, I could pick up the points of the scallops. I did have to block it in two stages because it was bigger than the mats.

TL – Thanks for satisfying our curiosity, Marilynn!!





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