What we got Wednesday – May 24

Polly is particularly thrilled with what we got this Wednesday, as are the rest of us! We are so pleased to announce that The Loop is now carrying Jamieson & Smith 2 ply “Jumper Weight” yarn!

Jamieson & Smith have been producing their beautiful Shetland Wool yarns since the 1960’s, but they began in the 1930’s as wool brokers. They are still active in this capacity today, annually taking in over 80% of the Shetland Wool Clip from between 600 – 700 farmers and crofters! J&S hand grades and sorts every fleece they receive, which allows them to take advantage of the wide variety of grades found in the fleece from all the different flocks, some having as many as 4000 sheep!

On an average day, Jamieson & Smith can bale up to 4 tonnes of wool, and every 2 weeks, they ship approximately 20,000 tonnes to Howarth Scouring for environmentally friendly processing, ensuring that no contaminants from the process are re-introduced to the water supply.

Any fibre that isn’t used to make the yarn, goes into Jamieson & Smith’s range of home products, such as carpets, rugs, blankets, cushion and duvets, which results in very little wastage.

Jamieson & Smith’s “Jumper Weight” yarn is the gold standard yarn for stranded colourwork, like Kate Davies’ Neep Heid or the Peerie Floores hat, which Annie is currently knitting, or the matching Peerie Flooers mittens! We have received about 1/3 of our massive order, and already have lots of colours to choose from!






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