What we got Wednesday, and what we’ll BE getting!

This week, we got a new yarn from Cascade, it’s called Anchor Bay. It’s a DK blend of 50% cotton, and 50% superwash Merino. It’s perfect for hats, sweaters, cowls, even blankets! We’ve also received a big re-stock of sock yarn!

Part of our Wednesday this week, is showing you some things we’ll be getting. As you know, MAC attended the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and they have set us up with some beautiful yarn! Sadly, we have to wait to get our paws on them, BUT we can at least show you a little taste!!


Garthenor 02 Four Ply yarn. Garthenor spins gorgeous organic yarn, it’s all made from the wool of traditional British breeds of sheep, and produced completely in Britain! It’s not dyed, all these colours are the natural shade of the fleece.






New Lanark Mills Aran weight yarn! New Lanark Mills¬†are certified Organic Spinners. ¬†They became the first wool production unit in Scotland to achieve the Soil Association’s organic approval, as well as being accredited by the British Wool Marketing Board.


Their yarn is still produced using traditional methods (and a 19th century spinning mule!) in one of the historic New Lanark Mills, powered by renewable energy from their own hydro-electricity production. As if that’s not cool enough, the village of Lanark Mills itself, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the proceeds from the wool are reinvested into the care and development of the site!


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