Meet the Teachers!

Continuing with our “Meet the Teachers” series, is Myrna. Take it away, Myrna!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Myrna. I am a SAHM (stay at home Mom) of two kids: a 12 year old son and an eight year old daughter. I started knitting thirteen years ago, when I was pregnant with my son. I blame it on nesting! At the time, I lived in a small town with very little access to knitting supplies.  I bought a book (How to Knit, by Debbie Bliss),  some acrylic yarn and needles. My very first project was a baby sweater. I knit the pieces and then thought “what?!!! I still have to SEW!” and put it away…. for almost a year. Eventually my need to finish what I started compelled me to sew up the sweater and the result was awesome. I was hooked! A few years later, I taught myself to crochet (also using a book -a vintage crochet instructional)  and crocheted myself a sweater. I knit a little of everything, but my favourite thing to knit is anything for ME! I’m a selfish knitter and I’m proud to admit it. I most particularly enjoy knitting sweaters out of fingering weight yarns; you can check out my projects on Ravelry (mdbatten is my username).

I became a teacher slowly. My friends started commenting on my fabulous knitwear, and rather than knit them stuff, I taught them to knit for themselves. They often commented on my patience while teaching (my children would hesitate to agree, I’m afraid) and I expanded my teaching to friends of friends and more. Three years ago, I volunteered to start a knit club at my son’s middle school. I now teach knitting to between fifteen and thirty, ten to fourteen year old kids once per week, throughout the school year. I started teaching at the Loop last fall. I’ve offered several advanced classes, but I think my niche is teaching beginners to knit. I love watching new knitters fall down the rabbit hole…..


Thanks Myrna, and we apologize for the feature image decapitation.


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