Celebrating the slide into our third year…

Time flies.. it really does.  Not that very long ago we were sitting here in a completely empty space wondering what the heck we’d committed ourselves to.  Hoping that we’d bring customers with us.  Hoping that we’d chosen the right location.  Praying that we could make it work.

I remember Correna saying that we had 15 months on the sub-let, so we could at least open for that period of time and see how things work.  We laugh about that now, because it turns out that 15 months is just a blink of an eye.  We were happy to ‘renew our vows’ and committed ourselves to another number years… and darn.. haven’t one of those years nearly passed by too!

Since we opened, we have increased our stock 3 fold, and have really made an effort to support local and emerging artists.  We have new, fresh teachers (as well as the seasoned!), we have encouraged designs (and one particularly wonderful design team who we expect wonderful things from).  We have matched up dyers to designers… we think we have changed a few lives really; certainly our own.

So, as our second year comes to a close, MAC would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has been here through thick and thin; who have understood our vision and taken part in building a shared dream.

We do love you.

Keep an eye out for a party invitation.  We have a few ideas percolating for the near future.  ;)


A friendly local yarn store on Kensington Road. We are located on the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, and the people of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.