A New Knitter’s Journey…

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Little Miss Knitter, who took Knitting 101 from our very own Rose! She will be taking us along on her new knitter’s journey as well. You can read more about her adventures as well as view photos of her projects on her blog here. Take it away, LMK!

I first became interested in knitting when my husband and I visited friends in Japan. Wendy, one of our friends living in Japan, was from Edmonton so she knew how to brave the cold, but with the lack of central heating she found herself craving warm things so she taught herself to knit. When I saw all of the cute and luxurious things you could knit I became very interested and all of my previous notations of knitting, which included images of grannies and frumpy sweaters, were dispelled and I wanted to give it a try!

When we got back to Canada in November 2010, I started searching for someone to teach me to knit and was disappointed to find out that most people didn’t remember or didn’t know how. I then searched for a course to take and found Knitting 101 with Rose. My mom had learned to knit as a young girl so she picked it up quite easily. I didn’t get off so easy. I felt like I had absolutely no motor skills and holding needles felt incredibly foreign. The only way I could knit was with the needles tucked under my arms whilst cursing.

My first project was a Tool Caddy.

My most recent project was the Ester Shrug.

Needless to say I have come a long way.

When I saw Rose at The Loop after the Ester Shrug class she asked me if I “still held my needles funny” and I was proud to report that I can probably do stockinette stitch in my sleep and holding needles is now second nature. I haven’t stopped knitting since Rose taught me and I don’t ever plan on stopping! Knitting is my full-time addiction. So much so that I had to create a blog about it because I cannot stop talking about knitting.

I love how versatile knitting is and I am very excited to see all sorts of people picking it up. I’ve joined a knitting group called Pints and Perls comprised of young women who meet up at pubs to have beer and knit. I also belong to a knitting group called Knit Whits comprised of women who  have been knitting for decades. I never fail to learn something from these groups and hope that I can pass on some knowledge as well. I have tried to infect my passion for knitting onto my friends and have taught 4 of them how to knit and have created 3 more knitting addicts as a result.

You never know what path life will take and just over 3 years ago before I found knitting, knitting would have never crossed my mind as something that I would take up, and now it is such a big part of my life! I can’t wait to see what else life has in store for me!

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