From Rocky Mountains to Ravens

From Rocky Mountain Dyeworks to Raventwist


People are always curious when you make a major change in your life. I guess the person making the change (i.e. me) is often pretty curious too. I heard “why are you doing this?” over and over, as I started coming out of the closet about rebranding Rocky Mountain Dyeworks. It was an honest question and answering it helped me understand why I wanted to make this change.

Launching Raventwist lets me take everything I have learned, and with a fresh start, focus my dyeing experience with a new and distinct vision. Raventwist will be Seasonal Collections of Colour. Fall 2012/Winter 2013 featured the jewel tones of “Arabian Nights”.


Check out some of the “Arabian Nights” collection at The Loop. I am currently working on the Spring/Summer 2013 colourways. I am also going back to my dyeing roots and working with a handful of primary colours to custom mix all new Raventwist colours for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Check out our website here

Below: Yarn: Myrrah, 50% Silk/ 50% Merino, from the Arabian Knits Collection

Raventwist will have a dozen yarns and two fibres as part of its line up. Some yarns and fibres will only be available seasonally. It’s important to me to be able to dye a variety of fibres and weights. It makes dyeing exciting! You can find a quick knit with the new Raventwist worsted called “Varg” (launching this Spring), or “Calan”, a DK Merino/Alpaca/Silk with gorgeous texture and memory. If you prefer to zen out on a meditative, fine knit with a cobweb lace, check out the luxurious Baby Camel/Silk blend of “Aislin”.

At The Loop:

Yarn: “Torc” Fingering, 100% High Twist Superwash BFL

Yarn: “Calan” DK Weight, 70% Merino/10% Silk/20% Baby Alpaca

Yarn: “Myrrah” Fingering, 50% Silk/50% Merino

Yarn: “Aislin” Cobweb Lace, 50% Baby Camel/50% Silk

Yarn: “Tyr” Fingering, 85% Merino/ 15% Nylon (as part of kit)


Raventwist will be about creating special relationships and collaborating with designers like Michelle Miller, Anna Dalvi, Talitha Kuomi and Stephannie Tallent.

Our first kit “Wave Maiden” has been designed by Michelle Miller, The Fickle Knitter. It launched in December and sold out in three weeks. Raventwist kits will always be limited editions. “Wave Maiden” is now exclusively at The Loop!

The Wave Maidens were the 9 sisters of the sea, goddesses from the Viking Pantheon, who were turned into mermaids by later cultures. I loved the strength of character given to each of the sisters and I used these characteristics to name a colourway after each of the Wave Maidens, and one to honour their mother, Ran. You can find a complete description for each of them at

Below: “Wave Maiden” Kit in Yarn: Tyr, Colour: Blodugh.

Detail “Wave Maiden” in Blodugh colourway.

Below: “Wave Maiden” Kit in Yarn: Tyr, Colour: Hefring

“Wave Maiden” is now exclusively at The Loop!

Annie has the last few kits. I won’t be doing these again so give Annie a call and grab yours now. The kits include an embroidered sling bag, yarn, the pattern, celtic stitch markers, a gift tag and an old school style tape measure in a tin. The yarn, “Tyr”, 425 yards in 100 grams, is 85% Merino/ 15% Nylon so its super soft with subtle staying power.

“Wave Maiden” Kit




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