We are so excited to announce that on Friday, December 21 from 10 to 5:30 we’ll be hosting a DEFY THE MAYANS SALE! (She who dies with the biggest stash wins!) Will there be Door Crashers? YES, loads! Will there be food? YES! Absolutely! Will we have fun? TONS! And.. because we love a good …


Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the pop-up tea shop!  Thanks to the Naked Leaf, and especially, thanks to Jocelyn!.  We  had a great time, and will repeat the experience next thursday with a new flavour of tea.  yayyy!

Pop-up tea shop event at the Loop tomorrow!


We are hosting the The Naked Leaf  for a fun Pop-Up Tea Shop on Thursday December 13th. The event will take place from 3pm until either we run out of tea, or 7:30, whichever comes first. Jocelyn will be coming with a big thermos of special-Tea for you to try!  There will be tins of …

Need a mink this season?


We’ve created a lovely little gift of a festive mug, a package of hot chocolate, a candy cane, with a ball of 70%mink, 20%merino, 10%silk tucked inside!  Wonderful for a quick Christmas gift!  Kathleen knit two ‘Pretty Thing’ cowls from a single ball. An interesting aside….  Although the Miya ball band is marked as 190m, …



We’ve been putting together tons of kits… We’ve created a brand new beginner kit that includes a zippered bag, a simple wristie pattern (which is totally innovative.. you can wear them 1 1/2 dozen ways or more!), needles, yarn, buttons and wool needles. everything your new knitter will need to make a wonderful project! there …

Dragonfly Dyewerx was here today!


Introducing Art Batts! We are so excited to restock Sparkle Sock, BFL Sock, Smooshy Sock, and Smooshy DK as well as bringing in Alpaca Sock, BFL Roving and Art Batts for the very first time.  They are absolutely stupendous!  The fiber is already running away, and as soon as the yarn is finished being stickered, …