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The Loop, a funky, friendly little local yarn store located on Kensington Road in NW Calgary.

At The Loop, our focus is to create a community of yarn stashers, lovers, researchers, and users. To meet this end, we provide a wide range of quality products at various price points, and an impressive list of learning opportunities.

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Finished Object Friday!

Today’s finished object is Hunter’s Wolverine shawl! He used DROPS Lace, and overdyed it to get the desired colours. A close up of the Wolverine!

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Handful of Berries

These mittens are a quick, in the round project that will keep your hands nice & warm in our cold winter. Due to the lack of seaming and the thickness of the yarn, they’re perfect for gifts! The pattern is available for download here! Yarn Requirements 1 Skein (218 yards) Manos del Uruguay Maxima

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New Product



We have received part of our new Wollmeise order! We have some Lace Garn, Blend , and Twin. There is more to come, including a special limited edition “Pure” for fall!

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* On holidays we knit at home

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